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Excel Merger

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A useful tool to merge spreadsheet files with various file extensions

Excel Merger |
updated on November 23, 2021


Combine spreadsheet files with various extensions into a single file
Combine sheets, rows, and columns inside a single file
Supports all major file formats
No need to have Excel or a similar program installed
Small size


An occasional bug and crash
Excel Merger
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Managing Excel files with its sheets, columns, and rows can get confusing if you're managing large amounts of data. That is why many users turn to various useful tools to help them simplify spreadsheet management.

Excel Merger is an example of such spreadsheet tool. As its name might suggest, it can be used to merge several spreadsheet files into a single one, without you having to install Excel or any other spreadsheet editor for that purpose. It supports all major file formats, including XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV, and XML.

Besides that, you can use it to combine multiple sheets within a single document into a single sheet and you can do the same with rows and columns. You can even set the starting/ending row or column for the merging process. We love the extensive file support, meaning you can combine files with different extensions and merge them into a new file that can even have a third extension.

This can be highly useful if you're sharing files with colleagues on a daily basis or if you're struggling with file incompatibility. The installation is fairly simple and its size is just 3 MB. It has been translated into many languages and it works as advertised, no more and no less. However, there have been some crashes during testing.
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• Windows XP(SP3)/Vista/7/8/10 or later (32/64 bit) & Windows Servers

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